EnLink Geoenergy Services


Based in Houston, TX, EnLink Geoenergy Services, Inc. employs 25 people and is forecasting sales of $9 million in 2005. EnLink is an early stage company that has developed proprietary technologies to Click to visit the EnLink web site.utilize "green" geothermal energy in a manner that is significantly more economical than traditional uses of fossil fuel-based energy for heating and cooling of non-residential buildings. Geothermal heat pump (GHP) systems save 25-50% of electrical costs in the cooling mode and 100% of natural gas consumption in the heating mode because of their more efficient design and utilization of the difference between earth and ambient temperatures.

EnLink has developed a family of patented offerings which enable design and construction of the earth heat exchanger portion of GHP systems faster, at lower cost, with greater system integrity and that maximize the operating efficiency of the entire system.

EnLink offers it services, which include drilling, loop insertion and materials to building owners, general contractors, engineers and architects. EnLink also develops geographic-based marketing and fulfillment relationships that enable the building owner or his representative to achieve a comprehensive heating and cooling solution.